The ability to take care of ourselves and establish our independence from our parents is a critical milestone in the process of becoming an adult. As we age, independence can become harder to maintain. There is a certain dignity in our independence which is why it is critical to help seniors maintain their independence. One aspect of senior care is involving them in their care. For example, letting them perform their usual routines without help, unless it is required, is more important than it might appear on the surface. Polaris Home Care of Santa Clara understands and values providing care for seniors that enables them to hold on to their independence and dignity. Continue reading to learn how you can help your loved one with this process and then call Polaris to schedule your free in-home consultation!

Physical Activity

Our bodies were not designed to be inactive. While there are definitely days where we all enjoy the freedom to be lazy and not do much of anything, we know that living that way on a daily basis is not healthy for anyone. Seniors are no exception. Even though their bodies are aging, physical activities such as going for walks, dancing, and gardening help to actively engage the brain and muscles of the body in ways that are very advantageous for good health. Dancing, for example, can reduce high blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease. Gardening is an activity that helps promote positive self-esteem and improve quality of life. Studies have shown a link between working with our hands in the dirt and a lowered risk of depression.

Mental Activity

Depending on their circumstances, your loved one might not be able to engage in the physical activities mentioned above. That is no reason to neglect engaging their minds and keeping the brain as active and healthy as possible. Crossword puzzles are a popular way to help our brains “work out”. There are a wide variety of games that challenge our brains that are available today both in print and digital versions. Tackling brain games not only keeps the mind active, but helps to keep mental and emotional functions strong and healthy. Making mental activity a priority helps to foster not just a sharp mind, but also a positive outlook on life. 

Emotional Activity

Emotions fluctuate not just daily, but many times within any given day. Emotional stability is critical to helping seniors feel happy, optimistic, and less prone to bouts with depression. One way that the emotions can be actively engaged is to have someone to talk with, as well as attending parties and other events where they can socialize with friends and family. For seniors who are unable to be physically active, social activity can help to take that place, as it provides many of the same benefits. Prioritizing social engagements can aid with minimizing feelings of frustration which can arise from an inability to perform once-normal activities.

Polaris Home Care in Santa Clara provides quality care for your loved ones which helps promote physical, mental, and emotional activity in order to assist seniors with maintaining their independence. Call us today to schedule your free in-home consultation!