When people are considering whether they should hire an in-home caregiver for their parents, they don’t often think about the highly important aspect of companionship. Perhaps your parents do not suffer from any physical limitations, but they would greatly benefit from the company that an in-home caregiver could provide. Many seniors report feelings of loneliness and isolation, yet they do not always share this information with their family members. At Polaris Home Care, we understand the importance of human interaction, and we are proud to offer in-home care in Santa Clara that includes the simple, yet deeply meaningful act, of companionship.

An excellent caregiver:

  • Knows how to empathize

  • Is patient and flexible

  • Is a great communicator

  • Embodies dependability and trustworthiness


A dictionary definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy does not require the listener to have experienced everything the speaker is sharing. Rather, it is the ability to put yourself in another’s shoes and imagine how they might have felt, or are currently feeling, based on the conversation. One of the best traits of an empathetic person is the ability to truly listen to another. The caregivers at Polaris Home Care know that all too often, seniors are at home with no real human interaction. This unintended isolation can cause deep feelings of loneliness. The simple act of being able to share one’s feelings and thoughts with another can be a great blessing. You can rest easy knowing that our in-home caregivers have a deep ability to empathize with those in their care.

Patience and Flexibility

Excellent caregivers know the value of patience. If you have kids of your own, you know that they can be quite trying on your patience at times. While senior adults are not children, their behavior can sometimes require the same level of patience and flexibility from their caregivers. Sometimes stubbornness can become exacerbated as we age. Other times, patients can be uncooperative, and this can lead to things getting off-schedule. Maintaining patience and flexibility is key to smoothing over these situations. Our caregivers are trained to understand the unique needs of seniors and are able to offer the patience and flexibility that they deserve. The caregivers from Polaris Home Care will care for your loved ones and provide them with the warm, comfortable environment they are used to enjoying.


All good relationships depend on constant, healthy communication. The caregivers with Polaris Home Care understand that they are responsible not only for communicating with their patients, but also with you, the patient’s family. Important details and happenings from your loved one’s day will be communicated with you to ensure the highest quality of care is being offered at all times. Communication isn’t just about words, it is also about a positive attitude. Be sure to take advantage of our free in-home consultation to have your parent meet one of our caregivers to see how they communicate with one another. We want to make sure that we match the right caregiver with your loved one for a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Dependability and Trustworthiness

Peace of mind comes with knowing that your loved one is in the comfort of their home with a caregiver who is dependable and trustworthy. Being confident that the caregiver will show up when they are scheduled and take care of whatever might arise is a wonderful feeling that we provide all of our patients and their families. We screen our caregivers to assure you, the patient’s family, that not only can they be trusted in your loved one’s home, but also with the complete care and companionship required.

If you are unable to stay at home with your parent or loved one, there is no need for you to worry about them while you’re gone. When you need to entrust their care to someone else, rest assured that Polaris Home Care provides the highest quality of in-home care for seniors in Santa Clara. Companionship is a highly valuable service that helps to prevent feelings of loneliness and isolation. Let the in-home caregivers of Polaris Home Care, care for your loved ones when you can’t be there. Call today for your free in-home consultation.