Aging can sometimes provide us with an array of different challenges, and while some of us choose to struggle through these challenges, life doesn’t always have to be a challenge. If you have a loved one in San Mateo in need of in home care services, Polaris Home Care is proud to serve them with the care that they need and deserve.

Who Are We?

Polaris Home Care is a personal services agency for seniors in San Mateo, providing them with the best in home care services. Does your loved one need help with getting dressed or bathing in the morning? Our experienced caregivers can help your loved one with both of these things, ensuring that they look and feel their best every morning, helping them take on whatever the day may bring. Perhaps they need help in the kitchen with meal preparation? Not a problem; our caregivers are happy to help your loved one in the kitchen, assisting them with meal preparation or cooking meals for them entirely, paying close attention to whatever dietary restrictions or preferences that they may have. Does your loved one require 24-hour care? We are proud to provide seniors in San Mateo with 24-hour care services, helping provide seniors with the care that they need around the clock. Maybe your loved one simply needs someone to talk to or spend time with. Our caregivers have years of experience providing seniors with companionship services, providing them with someone to simply talk and listen to or help with transportation or errands. While we don’t administer medical services of any kind, we always have a registered nurse available on call, ready to provide your loved one with medical attention should they need it.

At Polaris Home Care, we understand that no two patients are the same, nor do they require the same sorts of attention. While other agencies may take a “one size fits all” approach to in home care, we are committed to providing our patients with the best service and experience possible. We achieve this by crafting a unique individual care plan for every one of our patients, paying special attention to any specific needs they may have, ensuring that those needs are met in the services that we provide. We also work to find a caregiver that you feel will be a good fit to work with your loved one, helping you find a person who you feel will work best with them. It is our goal to satisfy both the needs of your loved one as well as you, working hard to achieve the complete satisfaction of both parties.

San Mateo In Home Personal Care Services for Seniors

Whether you’ve been thinking about finding someone to look after your loved one for a little while, or you’ve recently decided that it’s best to have someone to do so, the professionals at Polaris Home Care are here to provide your loved one with the care that they need. Whether you need us for something simple like assistance in the kitchen or something more involved like assistance with getting dressed or bathing, our experienced caregivers are here to provide your loved one with high quality in home care services. Your loved one deserves to regain their independence and live a life of quality and happiness; the professionals at Polaris Home Care aim to allow them to do so by providing them with the help that they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our San Mateo home personal care services today.